We offer our customers full range of IQF fruits, vegetables and mushrooms.
Our standard packagings:

  • octobins,
  • paper and PE sacks,
  • cartons 1x10kg, 4×2,5kg, 10x1kg

We realize special requirements concerning packaging.

IQF fruits

strawberry; sour cherry; raspberry; black and red currant; blackberry; gooseberry,
bilberry; mango; banana; papaya; peach; apricot and other.

IQF vegetables

brocoli; cauliflower; brussel sprouts; green beans; peas; roots, peppers;
tomato; pumpkin; onion; leek; rhubarb; courgette, including grilled; egg plant, including pre-
fried and other.

IQF mushrooms

wild mushrooms and champignions.

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